WOPPER BMP - Multipurpose Cleanser

The importance of cleanliness in our daily lives cannot be ignored. A bad environment will spoil the health of the people around. Regular cleaning is necessary to avoid accumulation of dust, grease etc. Different types of cleaning solutions are available in the market to help you clean different surfaces. But why to waste your money and shelf space with many bottles when WOPPER is here with its Multi–Purpose Surface Cleanser – WOPPER BMP.

A multipurpose cleaner is a magical solution which makes cleaning much easier, faster and cheaper. WOPPER BMP is designed in such a way that it can be used on many hard surfaces.


WOPPER BMPis a premium multi–purpose cleaner. It will be a solution for all your cleaning problems. WOPPER BMP helps in removing stains, grease and all other common kinds of dirt.


  • Suitable for cleaning food processing equipments.

  • Concentrated, hence less consumption and cost saving.

  • Very effectively cleans all forms of oils, greases, dirt and deposits

  • Non–corrosive and solvent free–safer to use.

  • Effectively cleans floors, walls, counter tops, doors, ceilings, glass, metals and general equipments.

  • Eco friendly.

How to use WOPPER BMP?

  • Spray cleaning

1. Add 30ml of WOPPER BMP to 1L of water in a spray bottle.

2. Apply the solution to the surface; clean with damp cloth after 5 minutes.

3. Rinse the surface with clean water thoroughly and allow it to dry.

  • General cleaning

1. Add 10-20ml of WOPPER BMP to 1L of water and clean the surface using a cloth, brush or mop.

2. Rinse the surface with clean water thoroughly and allow it to dry.

  • Floor cleaning

1. Add 10-20ml of WOPPER BMP to 1L of water and apply the solution on the floor using mop.

2. Using mop, remove the dirt and rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow the floor to dry.

How should I store WOPPER BMP?

WOPPER BMPmust be stored in a shaded place at normal room temperatures. When stored in its original sealed container, it has a shelf life of at least 24 months. When the container is opened, it is advised to use the contents quickly. The container must be closed air-tight after every use.


Avoid contamination of food during use or storage.

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