Urinal Cleanser

Urinal de-clogging agent


Cleaning concentrate for the removal of lime scale

   Drain Declog

Clog remover specially formulated to disintegrated tough blocks


Floor Cleaners


Disinfect Cleaner

Disinfect floor clear to fight microorganisms for all surfaces

   Marble Shiner

Marble Polish for spotless, clear and lustrous finish surfaces.

Degreasing Agent

Premium degreasing agent for hard surfaces



      Vessel Cleaner

Cleaning concentrate for vessel

    Carbon Cleanser

Cleaning concentrate for removal of carbon deposits

Oven & Grill Cleanser

Cleaning concentrate for oven and grill

Multipurpose Cleaner

Cleaning concentrate for hand surfaces in food premises


     Rust Converter

Powerful rust converter that converts adamantly adhering rust into ferrosso ferric complex

      Rust Remover

Effective rust remover for rusted compounds

Cement Stain Remover

Removal of stains from glass, granites, marble, plastic and metal surface