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How does Wopper compare to other cleaning products?

Wopper is an unique brand when compared to other brands because of its Eco-friendly nature.  All the Wopper products are totally safe and biodegradable.

Do all cleaning solutions are safe to use around pets?

We say NO!  Some products contain chlorine / bleach which causes rashes, itches and hair fall for pets.  We suggest Wopper DFC (Disinfectant Floor Cleaner) the best suitable product for mopping the surface.

Why is it written ‘bio degradable’in some products?

Our motto is to develop ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals).  Wopper’s R&D formulates each and every products with biodegradable components.

Which products are best for coronavirus COVID 19?

Wopper suggests SaniSpray (Arial Disinfectant), Hand Rub (Sanitizer Liquid), DFC (Disinfectant Floor Cleaner), F-SAN (Fabric Sanitizer).  These products are certified by Intertek and WHO.

Are these products real value for money?

Yes, they really are.  Wopper announces exciting offers and discounts for their YouTube subscribers, premium and regular customers.

Are these products easy to use?

Yes, our products are easy to use.  We give complete dosage and usage in labels and support you with Technical Data Sheet.  In case of any other queries you can contact our Techno-Commercial services 24/7.

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