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How do I keep my Electronic Gadgets Clean part - 1

Wopper EGC - Electronic Gadget Cleaner

Whether it's a phone, laptop, tablet, LCD TV, desktop monitor, mouse, game console, or smart watch, every home has more electronic items than the next. For a longer life, it is critical that we keep all of our electronic devices clean and clear of dust accumulation.

The majority of regularly used electronic devices, such as laptops, phones, and watches, are dust magnets that become polluted with food particles, germs and other pathogens. Disinfecting them time to time is very critical.


Phone and Tablet

Soak a microfibre fabric with Wopper EGC to dampen it. Use it to clean tempered glass screen protectors on tablets and phones. To keep these gadgets free of germs and dust, wipe the crevices and edges with cotton swabs. When wiping down devices like the iPhone and iPad, be careful because they have special self-cleaning oleophobic coatings that might be harmed..


Portable devices such as laptops and tablets that are used at home tend to accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria. Wipe the keyboard clean with a damp microfibre cloth dampened with Wopper EGC. Turn the laptop upside down to clean the keyboard of dust and food particles. Clean the screen with a dry wipe and a damp cloth dipped in Wopper EGC to remove smudges.


To remove any fingerprints on the screen, clean the screen with a dry wipe and remove smudges using a moist cloth dipped in Wopper EGC. With a moist cloth dipped in Wopper EGC, wipe the computer's plastic parts, the keyboard, and the CPU. Clean the keyboard by shaking it and turning it upside down to see if any food particles have fallen out. Clean the keys and the gaps between them with a cotton swab.

Remotes, Mouse and Gaming Consoles

Plastic and metal surfaces can be cleaned with Wopper EGC. A moist towel dipped in Wopper EGC can be used to clean the mouse, all remotes, game console, and controllers, as it destroys bacteria, dissolves dirt, and removes grease buildup.


Because headphones are delicate devices, use a cotton swab dipped in the Wopper EGC to gently clean them.

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