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Floor Cleaner

When we decide to buy a floor cleaner we don't sit and plan to buy a particular brand. After entering the super market for evening stroll for pass evening time we glance through the shelves of cleaning segment we see some of the leading brands which is advertise in TV & also some new brands introduce in the market with some offers we check the price & qty and compare. Finally we get confused when u compare the price and the qty ratio among all the brands. Because some products comes in odd qty of 470 ml & 395 ml & 530 ml etc.....we go mad when we care ml wise of each brand & finally we end up buying the well known & the so called leading brands because of their continuous bombardment of ads in various platforms.So this is the usual practice & a buying habit of floor cleaners by the consumer.

We don't see & read the constituents of the product and the ratio of the each raw material. We don't know harmful effect of the each Chemicals because of lack of awareness. Since its use on the floor & not consumed we don't care much about the raw materials. We just buy as a customery thing but we need to really care when we are choosing a floor cleaner because we Indians walk barefoot inside the house. A small pores on the feet will absorb traces of these chemicals continuously buy the near & dears. This will get into the blood stream slowly & continuously and circulate in our circulatory system. The blood which travel in the circulatory system will travel throughout the body including vital organs like brain,heart,Lungs,kidney & liver. Readers don't think I am exahuzhurating things. Why I am trying to convey this msg is we need to use the safe chemicals which is not so harmful to the humans.or Cleaner

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