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Dish Washing Liquid

No one cares housewives hands than wopper dish wash. Even husbands are worried abt the spicy , oily subji for their parthas and chappathis. They will enjoy and not even acknowledge the delicious food they enjoyed.

Now comes , post operations of cleaning the vessels, oily, greasy, messy, tough stains due to excess heating. If you apply more dw liquid, u have to open the tap for 10 mins to clean 4 or 5 vessels to wash off the soap and foam, it keeps generating in spite of salt water or water with high TDS.

But Wopper offers clean, safe on hands , less water consuming product called

WOPPER DISH WASH for all the kitchen queens.

Try and see for yourself. Because seeing is believing. Nothing like experience 👏👍

Wopper cares the hands of the queens, because it needs to serve for a longer time. Thats the reason, wopper team has done meticulous R&D in their lab table, chosen right chemicals with latest international standards which offers safety to the human skin. Taken enough care to match the skin pH, so that it doesn't cause irritation, burning, itches, blisters and allergies. But at the same time, it will be very harsh on all the tough greases and oily matters.

It will emulsify all these matters Nd wash off easily. We have chosen right concoction of saponification value, acid value with the right balance of pH.

Needless to mention about the fragrance of the wopper Dish Wash.

Right product , exclusively designed for wopper with a unique fragrance which will be liked by all.

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