Wetting agent cum detergent

Wopper LAN 2NI

Effectively removes oily and greasy items, premium detergency, low foaming, promotes long lasting brightness, APEO/NPEO free.

Available size

How to Use
  • Commercial: Use 3 ml per kg of fabric for light soil, 5 ml per kg of fabric for medium soil and 8 ml per kg of fabric for heavy soil 

  • Retail: For Regular loads, Use 2 cap full (approximately 60 ml) and For Heavy Soiled Loads, Use 3 cap full and For Stain removal, directly apply the liquid on the stain and gently rub and continue washing in the machine


Stain Remover

Premium grade stain remover for all types of fabrics.

Fabric Sanitiser

Specially formulated fabric sanitiser for commercial use.

Detergent Powder

High performance premium grade detergent powder.

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