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Multipurpose Cleaner

Wopper BMP

Our multipurpose cleaner is suitable for cleaning food processing equipment, concentrated and hence less consumption and cost saving, very effectively cleans all forms of dirt, deposit and residue, non-corrosive, solvent free and safer to use, extensively used on floors, walls, countertops, doors, ceilings and general equipment, eco friendly and biodegradable. 

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How to Use
  • Spray Cleaning:

           1. Add 30 ml of WOPPER BMP to 1L of water in a spray bottle.

           2. Apply the solution to the surface and after 5 minutes clean it with damp cloth.
           3. Rinse thoroughly the surface with clean water.


  • General cleaning:

           1. Add 20-40 ml of WOPPER BMP to 4L of water and clean the surface using a cloth, brush or mop.
           2. Rinse thoroughly the surface with clean water.

  • Floor Cleaning:

           1. Add 20-40 ml of WOPPER BMP to 4L of hot water and apply the solution on the floor using mop.
           2. Using mop, remove the dirt and rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow the floor to dry.



Liquid Detergent

Non-ionic liquid detergent for removing tough dirt, grease and oil stains from fabric materials.


Drain Declog

Liquid drain clog remover specially formulated to disintegrated tough blocks.

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Carbon Cleanser

Cleaning concentrate for removal of carbon deposits.

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