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TURBONOL CSR - Concrete Surface Retarding Chemical

Buildings are an excellent example of teamwork. Skyscraper, multi-storey or a home for shelter is a result of hardwork of many people. But it will be a complete success only when the building is capable of withstanding all the weather conditions. This is where concrete technology plays the major role. The evolving technology has introduced many things which can make our job easy and hassle free. One of such was the introduction of surface retarding chemicals which is used in the concrete mixtures to increase its settling time, compressive strength and durability.

Due to the increasing demand of surface retarding chemicals WOPPER has developed Turbonol CSR – Concrete Surface Retarder with excellent properties. It will increase the settling time, enhance the workability, give more transportation and placing time and many more.

What is Turbonol CSR?

Turbonol CSR is a premium Concrete Surface Retarder used to retard the setting time of concrete and allow concreting under conditions of high ambient temperatures and placing of mass concrete.

Why Turbonol CSR?

  • Increases setting time of concrete

  • Excellent for large concrete pours

  • Provides up to 1/8th – 1/4th (3-6mm) depth retardation

  • Etch depth can be adjusted as desired

  • Can be used in high temperatures

  • Prevents cracks in concrete where the formwork de-forms

  • Delivery of concrete can be made over long distances from the premix concrete plant.

How to use Turbonol CSR?

  • 100 – 400g / 100kg of cementitious materials

  • Turbonol CSR must be added during the concrete mixing process at the same time as the mixing water.

  • For spray applications, dilute 1:10 - 20 and spray on the surface.

  • Optimum dosage must be determined by site or laboratory tests.

Coverage: 1Kg will cover 25-50 square feet of area

How to store Turbonol CSR?

Turbonol CSR must be stored in a shaded place at room temperatures. When stored in its original sealed container, it has a shelf life of at least 12 months. When the container is opened, it is advised to use the contents quickly. The container must be closed air-tight after every use.

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